Current Color (2003-2004)  

Spring Sidewalk -- Charles Village, 2004

From: Rock   (Wed Sep 7 19:47:49 2011)
Woah nelly, how about them aplpes!

From: ysbfypsyib   (Sat Oct 6 14:50:15 2012)
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From: Arvelio   (Sat Nov 17 04:26:15 2012)
Once again, you've come up with some great ideas for fun and educational acievitits for the kids. I specifically enjoyed your description of David at the National Museum. I've seen it in person but it was nice to see him through your eyes. At Lin's suggestion, the family headed down to the arts festival at Clarke Quay. It was a great way to spend a leisurely hour.I have now added your site to my yahoo homepage.

From: xbgehqjnpy   (Mon Jun 16 20:56:52 2014)
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From: Rawda   (Wed Mar 11 13:00:40 2015)
Bueno, es cierto que hay una teicnedna a los FPS, pero eso no quita que habiendo perlazas para aburrir. En los faltimos 2 meses he acabado el GTA4, el mejor de la saga con un guif3n de lujo, el faltimo Prince of Persia, que9 decir!, el Batman Arkham Asylum, una obra maestra, Uncharted, Metroid Other M, o como jugar al Super Metroid de nuevo y el Super Mario Galaxy 2.Lo que este1 claro es que con la 360 vas a sufrir si buscas innovacif3n age9nciate una Wii

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